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An alphabet combining the principles of all the writings...

(This English text below transcripted in Argpal writing)


This writing is called Argpal.
It joins together the principles of
all the others, from the oldest
to the modern ones...

= = O = =

To understand what is the Argpal writing I would say that it is included in a broader set that I name ARGTXEP...

Above all, here is a definition of the "Argtxep" (pronounce: argtchep): "Arg" comes from Latin: "arx" and means "Citadel", "txep" also comes from Latin: "conceptus" and means "concept"; "Argtxep" means: "the Concept of the Citadel".

This enigmatic sentence summarizes this new project that I have developed. At first this concept takes back an older one but in a larger way, I think of the project of universal artificial language called Esperanto. To the language a new writing is added, another new language being able to be written in traditional Latin alphabet as the Westerners and other people in the world use, but also in a writing invented recently... Why another writing? Simply to be more equitable with respect to those who do not use our alphabet. A neutral writing and language could have more impact than Esperanto which has a bias on its writing and languages constituting its vocabulary... (Important information!Argtxep, a gay site, CLICK HERE !)

Because Silarg, the language I have invented does not use only western languages for its vocabulary but languages of every continent. Particularly the most unused - for example, a language like Coptic which enabled Champollion to decipher the Egyptian hieroglyphs has given a big number of words to Silarg. Latin and old Greek have not been forgotten because their weight in History is far from being negligible. To create Silarg, I especially left myself influenced by languages which have words able to enter the mould I defined before. This new language needed to have of course a coherent vocabulary and I did not hesitate to filter "bad" words to make them in accordance with this mould or to invent some of them when my dictionaries did not give answers well enough to me.

Concerning the writing I did not want to make a parallel alphabet but something really consensual. Actually in its general principle it is an alphabet, certainly, but it is arranged in such way to create one type for one syllable - for example, a language like Chinese can be transcribed in Argpal (name of this writing) and to each character would tally one Argpal type built from it. In fact the "Argtxep" is not only both language and writing invented, but also a new writing able to transcribe already existing languages like our good old English.

It is to make easier the learner's initiation that I began this site with French transcribed in Argpal writing (English will come). Therefore when the learner will go on with Silarg transcribed in Argpal, (Page I - 30) (soon an English version of that), the experience he will have had with French in Argpal will facilitate him the work.

But let us come back to the meaning of the "Argtxep" name. The Silarg language is actually the Citadel, name made of: "sil" (sky) and "arg": (citadel), which means: "the Celestial Citadel". I chose this name because I do like science fiction, and for me the goal to be reached was symbolized by a city lost in infinite space, Silarg: "the Celestial Citadel". But to enter the city a door is needed, and the door of a language can be its writing, that is why I chose the name Argpal made of "arg" (citadel) and "pal" (door), literally: "the Door of the Citadel".

There is a second writing and even a third, the second: "Argclaw" means "the Key of the Citadel" and it is a cursive writing derived from Argpal, especially used for a fast handwriting that I describe also here. The third is named "Argbriht" and means: "the Labyrinth of the Citadel", it is my personal and secret writing which - like a labyrinth - remains unresolved for the uninitiated and I will never explain it...

Here is the "Argtxep". Follow "Argor", the "Argtxepor": the one who conceived the "Argtxep" and who is the first to practise it, the inhabitant of the Celestial Citadel who will guide you to find out its principal secrets.

This introduction in English transcribed now in Argpal writing.

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